Family & Parenting Counseling

Being part of any size group is challenging because we are called upon to deal with temperaments, personalities, and perspectives that differ from our own.  And in families especially, we often wonder “WHY can’t they all be more like ME?!” as we struggle to also deal with different age groups and outside influences, such as peer pressures and various scheduling demands. 

Good, respectful communication and establishing (and maintaining) proper boundaries are key.  We look to the family to provide us with a stable base… a safe haven from the world, and when it fails to do that, we are often heartbroken. 

Whether you have a child going through a rough transition, a teen that is trying to individuate, the challenge of blending two families, a desire to reunite with an estranged family member, or you want to just make the culture in your family healthier and more harmonious, we can help.

If we can answer further questions for you, just call 714-432-9856 or email and will be happy to help you.

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