Acceptance is the Key to Letting Go

“Change is good… go first!” 

 No one would have predicted it - least of all me.  No one would have predicted that I would pull up roots from the family home I grew up in, and later raised my own children in, to move to California.  My roots in suburban Chicago were like those of a Mighty Oak. 

However, I had 3 compelling reasons to change.  My 3 adult children were living in southern California with no plan to return home.  Ooohhhh, but I did resist the change, and resist, and resist.  Even the idea of it, I resisted.

I had a thriving private practice.  I have a large, boisterous, loving extended family.  Very good friends.  I had a golf group and book clubs.  Who digs up the roots of an Oak and exchanges it with those of a Sapling? 

You see while my body was living in Illinois, my heart was living in California.  In my private practice, I was known as the “queen” of letting go.  I was always touting the benefits of letting go of whatever wasn’t serving you.  But this was different!  Letting go of everything I’ve ever known?  Clearly that was too much. 

But I was unhappy with my split-ness.  My heart knew what it wanted.  The rest of me had to take that leap and catch up.  So I decided to face that fear of the “unknown” and let go completely.  When we do this we feel a freedom not unlike flying.  We get our wings. 

I have felt this same freedom in many different ways when I changed a behavior, a belief, or a situation that was no longer serving me.  The wings of freedom.  No longer being held hostage by fear.  Pretty great feeling!  Worth digging up some roots for.  I'm not saying it was easy.  Many tears came throughout this transition.  My success in being able to let go in the past, helped me sit with more acceptance of my grief this time around knowing it is part of the process.  This ultimately helped me face the fear of loss for the hope of what was to come!

Letting go is a process.  In my former practice I had "letting go" bouncing balls.  When a client wanted to know how to let go, I'd get one out and say throw it.  Here?  Yes, here.  In a confined office space the ball often came back to the client throwing it.  He or she said, "See, it came back."  I said, "I know, sometimes that happens in real life too.  Throw it again."  Sometimes the behavior, or belief, or situation comes back.  We lovingly let it go again.   And again, and again,  if necessary.

Is there something that needs changing in your own life?  Feeling stuck or even paralyzed by fear?  Are you ready to face those fears, change old beliefs or ways of behaving, or perhaps a situation to become the person you’re meant to be?  Good for you.  Let’s find your wings. 

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