My Cool Catcher’s Mitt

Letters from Watson

Letters from Watson

Hello Everybody!


It’s been about a year since you’ve heard from me. I’ve been really busy, catching friends as they fly through the clouds to the Other Side! I somehow got ahold of a really soft, cushy (as you can see), vintage catcher’s mitt that was once owned by Jim Hegan who played and coached baseball from the 1930’s to the 1970’s. He was a great catcher and played mostly for the Cleveland Indians. He wasn’t a very good batter (but then neither am I) but that didn’t matter much because he sure could catch (and that’s what I’m good at too). So anyway, there are a lot of us Over Here now, the treats are endless and we get to play as much as we want and sleep all day long whenever we want… except when we are catching our friends who are flying in, of course.

So I just wanted you to know that I’m still around, just in case you need me. You can find me on Twitter@WatsonWithWings and I will still be writing to you here from time to time. For example, very soon.

In Love and Light,
Watson with Wings