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Letters from Watson

Letters from Watson

Hi To All My Wonderful Friends,

I wanted to say thanks for all your support during my fierce battle with Bad Fred over the last few months and to tell you that sometimes, as we all know, winning comes at a great cost.  I feel that, together, we managed to slay that Awful Darkness so he won't hurt anybody else, but it did cost me my fleshy suit from which I emerged relatively peacefully on Thursday morning around 11am.  I was so happy to be in my own backyard, with mom and Stephy and my little brother Bailey there. And my Auntie Rupa was with me singing her lovely Buddhist songs and helping me Transition from this plane to the Other Side most easily.

I am happy to tell you that I am wildly celebrating the almost immediate return of my whole moustache and beard to my face!  I am, however, still getting acclimated to all the freedom of movement I have outside my fleshy suit, testing the limitlessness and speediness of it all. It's kind of like if you were to suddenly get in and try to drive a Bugatti, I suspect... very cool, but a little heady at first.  All in all, I feel so liberated to be Home and in a place where conflict, tragedy, “natural” disasters, and pain don't exist and where there is only Good News and no political or religious debates. Because of that, and because there is no concern for potty training puppies, there is no need for newspapers here.  Boy Oh Boy, is it Seriously Wonderful on this Other Side, or what?!  I'd almost forgotten over the 9 years I was embodied.  Not that I didn't have an awful lot of fun loving all of you and playing tug and feeling just overwhelmed by all the heart-centered energy caressing my fleshy suit all the time There, but it is different Out Here... Easier... Lighter... Brighter.  You will see one day and I will be waiting here to greet each and every one of you when you Cross Over. 

So far, I've located my old friend, Mary Jane Valentine who has a Beautiful Bright Glow about her, Deb's Yuneyer, a Big Loving Peaceful Retriever (whom I didn't really know personally in the body but who is a super cool dude) has come by for a romp or two. I've also crossed paths a couple times with that lovely golden Mherikhu, with my little walking buddy from long ago, Gaby, with a charming big albino chocolate lab, Zoe, and with two big sweet cats named Albert and Jason. Of course, all my prior brother and sister puppy dogs and cats, Scooter, Boo, Acey, Bhakti, and even that standoffish Cheetah have been over to greet me.  My daddy, William, is here... though I wish he'd brought along the big white sneaker I used to carry around when I was little. Of course, he has made me some water slides already and they're really fun.  What a wonderful place this is... endless gorgeous fields in which to romp and play, water slides, tennis balls everywhere you go, great-smelling tasty food, and everybody's super friendly and easy going.  And one more thing: everything is funny and everybody laughs out loud a lot... including dogs!

Even though I am just getting my bearings and learning how to fly and teleport again (It's crazy fun... you can just think where you want to go and magically and suddenly just end up right there... kind of like in Harry Potter, but you don't need any floo powder or a port key... you just picture it and There You Are!), I am trying to keep close to Mom, Steph, and my little brother for awhile to try to help them not feel so sad.  They'll get better I know... Mom is quite the Strong Soldier, like me, and Stephy is especially good at taking tender care of Bailey.

Mom had a Pet Intuitive ( come on Wednesday night to talk with me and then she came over again Friday to talk with Bailey.  I liked her.  She is a very soothing presence and she did some Reiki while we all talked.  I'm glad she helped them all understand that, as Clem (the guy from where they take the empty suits for Transformation) drove off down the street with my fleshy suit, it was I that randomly set off the big alarm bells in mom's car just to let everybody know I was still here and that I hadn't gone with the suit.  That was the best I could do to get through to them because they were all so busy being sad, though I honestly thought that the sadness was unnecessary, if they'd just been paying attention, because I was Still Here. 

Terri, that nice lady, also asked Bailey if he would be interested in my jobs as Waiting Room Greeter/Healer and mom's Fitness Trainer/Work Out Buddy and Chief Cuddler, but he said, "Not really, except for the Cuddling sometimes and, only then, with people he knows."  I could have told them that.  He gets too anxious around people he doesn't know.  He has his own Gifts, but he is just Too Sensitive.  So I told him to tell her to tell mom to get him a little brother who could do those things.  I've been trying to tell mom that for several weeks now, but she thought that was a Wrong Thing to think and it would make me leave sooner.  She's so silly.  She knows that everybody gets out of their fleshy suits at Just The Right Time And Not A Minute Sooner and that I wouldn't leave her if I could have stayed.  But I knew the expiration date of my suit was coming up and I was just trying to show her some of the candidates I'd been considering to take over my Very Important Jobs.  It's not a bad thing and I was trying to tell her I would train the little guy for her myself. And maybe I might even reincarnate, my own self.  I know mom would love that, but I haven’t really decided yet. Earth is a pretty big mess right now and maybe I can be more help if I stay here and Advise.  And besides, if I did reincarnate and the Republicans beat out Obama in 2012, I’d be really mad I came back. 

I think I've finally gotten through to mom about getting serious about my successor though, because she appears to be compulsively looking through the resumes of those I've picked out.  Since some of them aren't embodied yet, she gets a little perplexed at times, and she is the Worst I've Ever Seen at Trusting the messages I'm sending because they aren't verbal or written.  Man.  That woman sure needs to learn to Let Go, Listen Differently, and TRUST!  Her mom tried to tell her that when she Crossed Over almost 30 years ago and she has a Ton of friends (some of you, actually... You know who you are) who are super good Listeners and try everything they know to teach her.  I don't think she's hopeless exactly, but her Hearing needs some serious work.  Please help me get the beans out of her ears, if you can.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I am Fine and I am still around to help whenever you need me and I may write to you from here from time to time when I have a chance.  I have four canine friends and two cats and their people to whom I am sending special Healing Energy and Bright Light currently... to Keea, Jack, Amber, and Cool Dude (wherever you are) and to Joey and Kiri.  Hang in there, buddies!

And I'm radiating Huge Orbs of the Big Golden-White Light of Love to you all. 

Y'all be good to each other!

Watson ~ In Love, Light, & Laughter