Addictions Counseling

We live in an addictive culture.  If you find yourself continuing to do something over and over despite the negative consequences you suffer from it each time, you may have an addiction.  While we are not a rehab facility, we offer supportive counseling to those who are wondering whether or not they have addictions and to those who are recovering from addictions.

Our therapists generally work as part of a several-pronged program that might involve our client’s medical team, outside support groups, and family.  We utilize an abstinence model although, when appropriate, we may employ a harm reduction approach.  We try to understand and meet the client “where s/he is,” and provide the best help possible whether the addiction is to drugs, alcohol, food, love, pornography, gambling, etc.

We see the source of addiction as stemming from one’s individual genetics/physiology and her/his family/social/cultural history, and not as a “defect of character.”  So if you are trying to work a strong program of sobriety or you are just wondering whether or not you actually have a problem, we are here, without judgments, to help you.

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