Chronic or Catastrophic Illness

“Armed with my positive attitude and inherent stubborn nature, I keep my mind focused and my life moving forward. I stop to rest, pout and even cry sometimes, but always, I get back up. Life is giving me this challenge and I will plow through it, out of breath with my heart racing if I have to.”
― Amy B. Scher

Being diagnosed with a chronic or catastrophic illness calls us to re-evaluate our hopes, expectations, dreams, priorities… our lives.  You may experience, in some varying order, the five stages of grief and loss: denial, anger, depression, bargaining, and acceptance…  You may circle around and experience the stages again and again. There is no “One Right Way” to deal with a serious health problem… your own or a loved one’s.  In the beginning, your thoughts race and you keep trying to figure out why and what’s next.  As time progresses, you’ll need to locate the best resources and support programs and you may need to fend off well-meaning loved ones who think they know what’s best for you.  No matter what, you’ll need to make peace with what’s happening to you, whether you ultimately heal or not.
Whether you face an auto-immune disease, diabetes, cardiovascular or kidney disease, HIV/AIDS, cancer, or another such challenge… or whether you are a caregiver for a loved one who is experiencing a difficult age-related process,  such as Alzheimer’s, stroke, etc., let us help you walk through it with dignity and grace. 

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