When: August 12, 2017

Time: 8:30am to 4:00pm

Location: Pathways to Wellness                                                             3505 Cadillac Ave, Suite O-109                                                                     Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Couples and Addiction

Couples and addiction recovery training

Presented by Bob Navarra, pSY d., mac, master certified gottman trainer

Couples Recovery is a new workshop for therapists, counselors and professionals who work with couples struggling with addiction as well as couples in recovery from alcohol, drugs and/or behavioral addictions. This workshop draws from the fields of addiction treatment, mental health, and couples counseling, and integrates current research findings with knowledge from clinical practice.

Participants learn a research-based approach to help couples:

* Identify addiction

* Break through denial

* Navigate the challenging road from active addiction to recovery

* Improve conflict management skills

* Learn the difference between “codependency” and “interdependency” and how to identify and set appropriate boundaries

* Develop a relationship recovery, while supporting their partner’s recovery and strengthening their own individual recovery

* Heal from the aftermath of addiction and move toward wellness as individuals and as a couple

The tools and interventions taught in this workshop are adapted from the Gottman Method to help couples develop a Couple Recovery through increasing communication and understanding, establishing appropriate boundaries, and healing from the impact of addiction and recovery. The workshop provides opportunities to practice the techniques, so you will feel ready to use them with individual couples and/or with small groups of couples.

Who is This Training For?

This workshop is for mental health therapists, counselors, social workers, clergy, military family life chaplains, life coaches, recovery coaches, professors, students and professionals who work with couples affected by alcohol, drugs and/or behavioral addictions.

No prior experience or training in the Gottman Method is required

Each participant will receive a Couples Recovery Kit:

One Couples and Addiction Recovery Training Manual, which includes

* A framework for couples assessment and treatment

* Tools to help assess for addiction

* Strategies to help break-down denial and resistance to identifying addiction

* Techniques to increase your confidence regarding couples dynamics & “Couple Recovery”

* Four Card Decks: My Recovery, Your Recovery, Our Recovery, and Developing Rituals of Connection.

Professionals can begin to use immediately following the workshop. All addiction assessments and exercises may be photo-copied as hand-outs for couples.