Dates: 2nd Saturday of every month

Time: 10:00am - 11:30am

Cost: No charge
(donations appreciated)

Where: Pathways to Wellness

Call today: 714-432-9857 ext. 105

The Art of Mindful Living Introductory Sessions

with Rupa Ward, MFTI


• Want to be smarter, happier, more productive, more fit?
• Want to retard aging, lose weight, develop more will power?
• Want a more robust or well-regulated immune system?
• Want to think more clearly and become a better listener?
• Looking for greater peace of mind? 

The art of mindful living is a practice of silence, compassion, and liberation through the gradual awakening of our own innate wisdom. We will become keenly aware of the habitual patterns of the mind that get us caught in unproductive emotional tangles, and this will help us cope with daily life and crisis situations more effectively. The idea is to open the heart door and cultivate a spacious quality of mind that regards everything with nondiscrimination, like the sky unaffected by clouds or rainstorms. 

It is all about simple ordinary daily living—how we breathe, sit, walk, speak, relate to ourselves and each other. Through various exercises we will be present to breath, sound, sensation, emotion, and thoughts. We will direct our attention to stress, anxiety, depression, old pain, and understand how we construct meaning. As we become intimate with our feelings and thoughts without resisting them, our practice helps us to notice our negative thought patterns non-judgmentally and let them go so we can be free.

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Rupa Ward, MFTI, has been trained in yoga and meditation in India and the USA. She has taught yoga and meditation at several colleges and to private students. For the past several years, she has been receiving training in Vajrayana practice from Tibetan Dzogchen Master Khenpo Choga Rinpoche and she is a therapist who sees individuals, couples, and families at Pathways to Wellness.