I love working with people who are ready and willing to commit to growth, open and eager to learn and explore, and who are curious about and capable of examining their own part in things. I love people’s lives and their stories. It is like I get to listen to autobiographies all day long. All are different, nuanced, complex, deep, textured. And sometimes I get to participate in a chapter
— Nancy Young

Nancy Young

Dr. Nancy has over thirty years of experience specializing in therapy with adult individuals, couples, and groups. She is extremely compassionate and nonjudgmental while using a holistic/transpersonal approach. For twenty years, Dr. Young was an Adjunct Professor at Chapman University, teaching Psychology classes such as: Intro to Psychology, Interpersonal Attraction & Romantic Love, Human Sexuality, Sexual Disorders & Treatment, and Chemical Dependency Treatment.

Dr. Young's academic research interests were on romantic love—the differences between intense/compelling ("limerent") and secure/comfortable ("attachment") love experiences, behavioral self-reliance in women, and on the use of videotaped therapy in chemical dependency treatment. 

Past workshops Dr. Young has facilitated have included Romantic Relationships: A Traveler’s Guide, Gottman Method Couples Therapy (Art & Science of Love Couple’s Workshop and the clinicians' Level 1Level 2, & Level 3 Trainings), Communicating with Heart & Power—How to be Gentle but Assertive, Never on Sunday: Women & Sexuality, and Voice Dialogue. Psychology of Selves & Aware Ego (Voices of Consciousness, Dances with Others, & Stretching of Consciousness)

Dr. Young specializes in a variety of therapeutic methods, including cognitive-behavioral, Voice Dialogue, EMDR, and Gottman Method couple’s therapy. She is certified in EMDR and in Gottman Method Couple’s Therapy.  She is a certified Art & Science of Love (Gottman) Workshop Leader and Level 1, 2, & 3 Master Trainer.  And she has been a Voice Dialogue Teacher/Trainer for over twenty-five years. 

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