3 Out-of-the-box Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Now, we exchange gifts of all kinds. The most traditional are probably flowers and chocolate – hence the ‘box’ that we would like to encourage you to get out of, this Valentine’s day.

Nothing’s wrong with chocolate, of course. One of the nice things about chocolates is that you can combine them with almost everything.

And we have also turned Valentine’s day into a big night out for couples.

Again, there is nothing wrong with roses and champagne. And a special dinner at your favorite restaurant.

But sometimes it can be fun to be a little bit more adventurous – and why not on Valentine’s Day of all days? An adventure between lovers is a wonderful thing…

Here are three out-of-the-box ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

1. A ghost tour

Maybe, at first glance, that seems a little counter-intuitive.

What does sweet Valentine’s Day have to do with ghosts?

But when you think about it, there is a lot of opportunity for romance on a ghost tour.

First, there are the locations.

Think of a romantic old mansion. Luxurious but perhaps a little mysterious, too.

Maybe there is an overgrown garden.

Or a neglected ballroom where you can take your partner for a secret spin…

There are many places all over the US where you can take a tour of a beautiful historic house that is said to be haunted, or maybe just very atmospheric. And most of them are open on Valentine’s Day.

And then, of course, if it gets a little spooky, it’s only natural to hold hands and cling to each other….

Maybe the shadows will make one of you scream a little bit?

Nothing that a hug and a kiss can’t fix.

And of course, you will be well looked after on a romantic ghost tour. And there’s sure to be champagne as well.

2. Another way to get out of the box is – to stay inside!

Escape the packed and over-priced restaurants. Don’t get frustrated in traffic.

Create an adventure night right where you are, at home.

This works even better if it is a surprise for your partner!

Why not welcome him or her with a fun treasure hunt that takes you around the whole house, with nice (or exciting) stops in specially decorated spaces?

This is an excellent way to make the day even more special with lots of little meaningful gifts.

Once you’ve been around the house a few times, maybe discovering your home in a different way, it’s time to dress up.


This is Valentine’s Day after all!

Have a bubble bath, get dressed up big, and then – have a picnic in the living room. Or the bedroom. Or the attic. Or… anywhere you can work your magic.

Enjoy the improvised elegance of a Victorian picnic – and it doesn’t have to be on the floor. Unless you want to be on the floor, of course.

If you want to be completely extravagant, you could do something outrageous like renting an indoor hot tub. You could pretend you are at the beach or on a moonlit lake.

And at the same time, you can play your favorite music.

3. Recreate your first date

What could be more romantic than to celebrate Valentine’s Day by recreating your first date together?

Even the preparation will bring you closer together. It involves a lot of memories and a lot of stories. And this time, you can tell each other how you feel before the date.

If you met in another location, it could involve a day trip or a weekend trip!

If you met where you live now, it will revitalize not just your relationship with each other but also your relationship with your hometown.

As the memories come up, you can share and bond.

And then you can go home to the relationship as it is now.

Valentine’s Day isn’t supposed to be stressful. It’s supposed to be wonderful.

Whatever you do, show your partner that he or she is truly special. Celebrate Valentine’s Day by celebrating each other.