New Love or On the Rebound? What Are the Signs You’re Ready to Try Again?

While the adventures of rebound relationships can be exhilarating and serve as terrific emotional band-aids, most people eventually want something a little more stable. Maybe you’re at that point now…or you think you are. The tricky part about the transition from temporary fling to the real thing, which you’ve most likely discovered already, is that it’s hard to distinguish between the two. Especially at the beginning of a relationship, your mind may be a whirlwind of doubt. When searching for surefire signs that you are indeed ready to give love another shot, consider the following.

You’re Over Your Ex

Most likely, your ex was the one who sent you on the rebound in the first place. He or she is the one who broke your heart in some way. Thoughts of this person may have haunted your mind for quite some time. Admittedly, it’s hard to get over an ex.

The rebound relationships in which you’ve been involved have been a nice way to temporarily forget your ex — as long as you were with that new person. When he or she had to physically leave your side, your thoughts returned to your ex. Most of these thoughts were comparing the two: your ex with your present lover.

It’s different now, though.

With this new potential partner, you no longer think of your ex. You don’t plummet into despair when you’re alone. The thoughts of your new person make you happy even when he or she isn’t present. You don’t compare him or her to your ex.

This new person isn’t a band-aid by proxy. He or she is the real thing and this is a good sign that you’re ready to give love another try.

You Both Want More Than to be on the Rebound

It’s unfortunate that when you’re on the rebound, not every partner gets the “rebound memo.” Some fall for the other person only to discover that he or she is not ready to be in a serious relationship. At that point, the rebound relationship typically ends.

If both of you are interested in more than just a fling and you feel a connection, you’re probably ready to give love another go.

In addition, if you’ve voiced that it’s moving too fast for your comfort and your new attraction obliges, consider that an emotional green light. For instance, perhaps you’re not ready for sex yet. A potentially seriously partner will be okay with that.

When your new person respects that you’re worth the wait, that’s another way of saying that they are, too.

You Are Open To Give

When you’re on the rebound, the goal is to make yourself feel better.

By making yourself the primary focus, you are basically the taking half of any relationship. Rebounds are about getting what you need when you need it. They are not about the other person.

Love motivates you to give. It motivates you to genuinely care for another human. This is a missing element when you’re on the rebound.

So, if you find yourself being willing to genuinely care for and give of yourself for your new person’s needs then consider it a sign you’re ready to try at love again.

You’re Emotionally Available

It could be that your emotions were crushed by your ex. This unfortunate heartbreak may have rendered you unwilling to open up to anyone after that, especially not to a rebound relationship.

You’re ready now, though.

You’re ready to honestly disclose your past and admit your part of the blame in the breakup. Expressing your true feelings doesn’t seem so forbidden or impossible with this new person.

In addition, your new potential partner sticks around after you’ve exposed your heart. The openness on your part and the acceptance on his or her part should be a big, green light to you.

You Feel A Connection

It’s probably not ‘breaking news’ to state that rebound relationships typically focus mostly on sex.

It’s understandable. Sex is comforting, pleasurable, and serves as a really great distraction from emotional pain. Such is the nature of being on the rebound. These types of relationships are short-lived, temporary, and usually over before the sex gets familiar.

If you’ve been between the sheets in your new relationship and if it’s the real deal, you will feel an honest and passionate connection. It’s not simply about adventurous sex. It’s passion.

The thing about an honest and passionate connection is that you can’t fake that or make it up. If it’s there, you shouldn’t ignore it.