Marital Revival: 7 Ways to Spring Clean Your Relationship

1. Carve Out Some Regular “Us” Time

Marital revival fully surrounds the idea of nurturing your relationship back to life. One way of doing this is to spend quality time with your partner. This should be time without the kids or extended family. This time is just for you two to focus on each other.

Whether you partake in an enjoyable activity or simply go for a calm walk in the park, the aim is to focus your attention on your partner.

2. Light Up the Embers

Sex is not intimacy in itself, but rather an expression of intimacy. The thing about sex is that the best sex starts long before you ever reach the bedroom. Rekindle the sexual romance between the two of you by maintaining your connection throughout the day.

Leave notes for your partner or contact them during the day to let them know you’re thinking of them.

3. Take a Chance Together

A great way to clear out the romantic dust is to embrace vulnerability. You can do this by dedicating yourself to trying something new together every now and then.

Maybe you could try a new restaurant every other month. Or go to a pottery class together. The simple act of doing a new activity together opens up a wonderful opportunity for closeness.

4. Shift Your Gaze

It’s easy to get annoyed with someone you seemingly know forwards and backward. Little quirks can quickly turn to big bothers. Marital revival means making the choice to accept those little annoyances about your partner. It means accepting what you can’t change about them.

Rather than focusing on the negative things, set your sites on the good things in your relationship. Make a choice to shine light on the things you do like about your partner.

5. Break a Sweat Next to Each Other

Part of having a healthy relationship is to be healthy individuals. So, in terms of your marital revival, try working out together. Whether this means training for a 5K or taking a brisk walk before dinner, go for it.

Committing to your health together promotes a deep commitment to the relationship itself.

6. Amp Up Your Skills

Marital revival means honing in on your communication skills. It’s often words or the lack of words that drive a wedge between couples. So, do your best to remove the wedge.

Talk with your partner about your concerns or anything you’ve buried deep inside. Commit to finding a resolution and handling it better in the future.

7. Fly Solo

It might seem counterintuitive to do something by yourself, but often one partner feels drained because of all the emotional responsibility.

To come together as a healthy couple, it’s imperative for you both to first be emotionally healthy individuals. So, take care of yourself by amping up your self-care routine. Go have lunch with a friend and just be yourself without being responsible for anyone else.

If you’re ready for a marital revival, please contact me. I’d love to help you and your partner reconnect and revive your old flame. Reach out to me today so we can start pursuing your therapeutic goals during this spring cleaning season.