Battling Depression? – 5 Morning Habits to Supercharge Your Day

1. Allow for Enough Rest

For your body, sleep is fundamental rather than a luxury. Some people like to boast about how little sleep they can get and still function. But that is certainly not optimal.

Getting the right amount of sleep encourages cell reproduction, allowing your body to heal and replenish itself. This empowers your immune system and strengthens all your bodily functions.

Sleep also promotes clarity in your cognitive function, which means you will be able to make better decisions and find solutions easier.

When your body is working at its best, depression has a more difficult time slipping through tired and depleted cracks.

2. Give Yourself 30 Minutes

As mentioned before, your morning routine sets the tone. When you allow ample time for your body to rest at night, that gives you a fantastic self-care opportunity.

Try getting up 30 minutes earlier than usual each day. During these 30 minutes, do something for yourself that calms you and makes you feel peaceful. Consider meditating, practicing yoga, or even reading a chapter in a good book.

Happiness has been linked to rising early in the morning. Plus, you won’t be rushed to get all your morning to-do list done before setting out for the day.

Consider your “early 30 minutes” an extra shield to help you with battling depression and a welcome mat for happiness.

3. Write It Down

Journaling is well-known for effectively managing depression, stress, and anxiety. Basically, writing down your feelings and thoughts can help to reduce overall negativity in your life. Journaling also helps to work out obstacles.

If you’re not a writer by heart, try using online journaling prompts. These prompts ask you a few questions to help you locate how you’re doing so that you can explore those feelings.

Depression decreases when you feel more in control of your own narrative. Releasing negative—or any emotions—before starting with the rest of your day can help you to alter how you feel about yourself, giving you one-up on depression.

4. Drink Up

Even with the vast array of delicious liquids available for consumption, water still ranks as number one. Your body wants water and needs it.

Most people don’t view water as an energy drink, but it is. And drinking a glass full of water right after you wake up can actually help to jumpstart your brain to help you with battling depression.

Furthermore, drinking an early morning glass of water helps to flush your dehydrated organs into working order as well. Not only does this create a brilliant skin complexion, but it also promotes your other organs to work optimally.

5. Get Moving

Have you ever secretly wanted to be like those early morning gym goers who can fit in an entire workout before most people’s alarms ring? Or perhaps you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, believing an exercise regime is out of the question.

If either scenario sounds like you, consider trying a micro version of what the early morning champs are doing. For example, try doing a few sets of jumping jacks in your kitchen or walking in place as you watch your favorite morning talk show.

Exercise doesn’t have to be extensive or dreadfully painful. The point of your micro-routine is simply to get your heart pumping—like electrical pulses invigorating your entire being and blasting a depressive mood into oblivion.

Reality is, depression is no match for your heart. When you employ your heart and the rest of your body, battling depression becomes easier.

If you’re ready to amp up your fight with depression, please seek professional support today. Learning more about how depression counseling can help you is a big step toward claiming your happiness.