9 Fun and Romantic Ways You Can Say I Love You

When spoken with honesty and commitment, the words “I love you” should never get old. This does not mean, however, that literally saying “I love you” is the only way to express the sentiment. Demonstrating one’s feelings can be a unique and ever-evolving process. Here are nine fun and romantic ways you can say I Love You:

1. Mark the dates.

It’s practically cliché to joke about remembering an anniversary, but what day did you meet? When was your first date? Your first kiss? When did you move in together? By treating all such anniversaries as annual celebrations, you’ll keep the excitement churning all year ‘round.

2. Go multilingual.

Across the planet, there are 4,500 spoken languages in popular use (and another 2,000 languages with less than 1,000 speakers). So, why not love locally but speak globally? Here’s a start: Je t'aime (French), Main tenu pyar karda haan (Punjabi), and Eu te amo (Brazilian Portuguese). For those who’d like to experience the closest thing to a universal language of love, try Mandarin Chinese. It’s spoken by 1,213,000,000 people, making it the most popular language in the world! “I love you” is Wo ai ni.

3. Email or text.

Our days are packed and our minds are churning with tasks and chores. Don’t let the modern-day pace overwhelm your emotions. There’s always time to send a heart emoticon to someone special. In fact, why not do it right now?

4. Voicemail.

Sure, we know the deal: No one leaves voicemails anymore. But since when are you “no one”? Dial her/his number when you’re certain they can’t pick up and sing a song, recite a poem, or perhaps build some suspense as to what your next date might be like. Being in love means loving the sound of each other’s voice so, make it happen.

5. Snail mail.

After all, who doesn’t appreciate getting a real, honest-to-goodness love letter? Don’t let this romantic method become extinct. Cards, love notes, and so on -- it’s always a thrill to open the mailbox and feel the love!

6. Nicknames.

Nothing says intimacy like speaking each other’s language and nicknames are often the roots of such languages. But don’t restrain yourself. The more nicknames, the better! “Honey” or “sweetheart” may have worked for your grandparents but it’s high time we kicked things up a notch…or three!

7. Hidden notes.

Maybe she has a ritual of always putting her keys in a particular spot. If so, leave a note there. Perhaps he diligently checks the glove compartment when he gets into the car. Sounds like an ideal spot for a note. You know your partner’s habits so why not turn this familiarity into a loving reminder? What will your next note say?

8. Journey Jar.

If you’ve been putting off a day trip or even a weekend escape, saying “I love you” to each other is as simple as getting rid of some loose change. Find a large jar or container, decorate it together, and -- little-by-little -- fill it together with stray coins and bills to be used at a later date for a romantic getaway.

9. Create a safe space.

The world can be a challenging place and, as much as we’d like to believe that all we need is love, we often require lots of support, too. Doing your thoughtful best to understand and appreciate your partner and their needs is as perfect a way to say “I love you” as we could ever imagine. Through your words and deeds, you can show your love all day, every day!

There you have it, 9 fun ways to get started on what will hopefully be a long and loving history of romantic ways to say I Love You.