Depression Counseling

Do You Feel Tired, Heavy and Disengaged From Life?

 Are you struggling to get out of bed in the morning and move through your day? Does it feel like a dark cloud is hanging over your life, but you don’t understand why everything seems so difficult and gray? Perhaps you feel lonely and disconnected from everyone in your life, even those you long to be closest to. It may be that you’re consumed with self-critical thoughts, and you often blame, judge and doubt yourself. You might be asking yourself what the point of life is and feeling unmotivated to fulfill responsibilities, spend time with loved ones or do things that you once enjoyed. Maybe you find yourself calling in sick to work or avoiding daily tasks, such as going to the grocery store or cleaning up your house, which only leads to more self-criticism and lower self-esteem. Do you feel like you lack control over your life? Do you wish you could find clarity about your direction in life and feel purposeful, confident and hopeful about the future?

For those of all ages, depression symptoms can cause feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. Perhaps you feel tired all the time, with barely enough energy to go through the motions of your day, let alone pursue dreams and goals. If you’re a parent, you may worry that you’re failing your children, and although you want to feel better and do more for them, you just don’t know how. Or, perhaps you’ve noticed that your child is shutting down, withdrawing or avoiding school and friends, and you’re concerned that you’re seeing the signs of depression. It may be that you wonder if this is just the way life is, and you feel alone, stuck and unsure if it’s possible to feel happy and whole.

If You Feel Down and Defeated, You’re Not Alone

The World Health Organization estimates that depression affects 350 million people worldwide. According to the National Institute for Mental Health, 18 percent of the adults in the United States struggle with depression, and that number doesn’t include the many others who go undiagnosed, but still face depression symptoms. While statistics show that more women than men face depression, anyone—regardless of age, gender, heritage or lifestyle—can feel weighed down by sadness. In fact, most people experience low self-esteem, self-doubt and lack of direction at some point in their lives.

In the United States today, we are more disconnected than ever. Although we may be part of online communities, without face-to-face interactions, many of us feel lonely and isolated. In addition to an increasingly disconnected society, a variety of other factors can lead to depression. Some people’s genetics and biology trigger a chemical imbalance in the brain that makes them more susceptible to depression. Negative self-talk, disappointment and frequently comparing oneself to others can also contribute to depression. And, a significant life transition or traumatic event—such as the loss of a loved one, an unwanted career shift, the end of a relationship or a medical issue—can also be overwhelming and make it challenging to see the light at the end of the tunnel. To make matters more complicated, the media—both social media and the news—is often full of frightening stories, which add to a sense of hopelessness and powerlessness.

Regardless of what it fueling your depression, what you are feeling right now is not your fault. And, there is hope. With the help of a skilled depression therapist, you can harness your inner strength, learn how to manage depression symptoms and feel empowered to live a fulfilled, engaged life.

Depression Counseling Can Help You Clear Through the Fog

 At Pathways to Wellness, we offer a compassionate, warm and supportive place for you to embark on a path of discovery, growth and healing without fear of judgment or criticism. Our team of therapists are trained and experienced in a variety of approaches, and we’ll work in collaboration with you to find the form of depression treatment that best addresses and supports your needs and therapy goals. Mainly, though, we are here to listen. You deserve to feel heard, validated and understood.

During strengths-based depression therapy sessions, your therapist will work with you one-on-one, fostering a connected, trusting relationship so you feel comfortable sharing openly, accessing your inner resources and discovering and expressing your authentic self. Your therapist will offer both empathy and insight, helping you develop a new understanding of your emotions, your thoughts and your world. Together, you and your therapist can figure out healthy and fulfilling ways for you to relate to yourself and others, as well as develop effective coping techniques so that the challenges in your life no longer feel so chaotic or unsolvable.

Our therapists don’t use a one-size-fits all approach to counseling. You are a unique individual, and your therapist will support you just as you are and work at a pace that feels comfortable for you. Your therapist will offer support, guidance and connection so that you can feel empowered to explore the practical things you can do to create a more satisfying, joyful life. Depending on your particular needs, history and therapy goals, you can work with a therapist who utilizes EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) to resolve past trauma, solution-focused approaches and mindfulness meditation, among others. Studies show that a combination of medication and therapy is more effective than either alone, and, if appropriate, we can discuss medication options. All together, the team at Pathways to Wellness has the training and expertise of a super-therapist, and we will work with you to find the therapeutic relationship and approach that best empowers you. We also offer specialized depression counseling for children, teenagers and the elderly, as well as a support group for parents.

Overcoming depression is possible. You’re not alone, and sometimes, just knowing that you have someone in your corner can make a huge difference. No matter how lost or adrift you may feel today, we know that there’s land in sight, and we’re here to help you make it to shore.

You may have questions or concerns about depression treatment…

I don’t have enough money for depression counseling.

 By seeking help, you are making an investment in yourself, providing yourself with resources and developing a resilience that you can carry into the future. Depression therapy is not a temporary fix; instead, it can help you make a sustainable change that can transform your entire life. Counseling truly can help you achieve deep, long-lasting relief.

Therapy will take up too much time.

 If you are experiencing the signs of depression, we encourage you to consider how you are using your time today. Do your days feel rich and fulfilling? Do you accomplish everything you wish you could accomplish? Depression can make it difficult to engage in the world and really participate in your life. We understand how uncomfortable it can feel to come to an office and open up to someone. But, the time and effort you dedicate to depression therapy can help you make the most of your days moving forward.

Isn’t seeking help a sign of weakness?

 Being in tune with what you need is not a sign of weakness. Rather it is one of wisdom and strength. With help, you can further tap into your innate wisdom and strength and develop a deep, enduring resilience that can help you feel like your strongest self. It is possible to feel better, and the choice is up to you. You are important, and there’s no shame in choosing to take care of your whole self.

You Don’t Have to Do It Alone

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