Unique Wedding Ideas That Don’t Break the Bank

Now I understand that there are about a million and one details to cover when it comes to wedding planning. So, I’ve broken these unique wedding ideas down into categories. From center pieces to the send-off, here’s a round-up of inexpensive ideas for your upcoming wedding.

1. Center Pieces

Aside from the wedding dress, this is usually the go-to wedding decoration that most people like to fast forward to.

Let me preface this subject with a very wise statement — spray paint is your friend!

Using Mason jars as center pieces is a very popular trend nowadays. Thankfully, these jars have about three dozen other things they’re good for, so when the wedding is over, you can still get a lot of use out of them.

Ask your friends and family or even a local winery to donate used wine bottles. When spray painted, they look incredibly elegant. Fill them with whatever you like or leave them empty. You can also substitute wine bottles for aluminum cans (soup cans).

A current favorite design in the DIY of unique wedding ideas is the paper mache yarn globe. This classy piece of art is a children’s project turned adult. It’s as simple as mixing flour and water then wrapping soaked yarn around a balloon.

Remember to take advantage of candles, as well. They may seem incredibly simple but you can’t beat their romantic ambiance.

2. Decorations

Again, spray paint is your friend.

For you nature lovers who like to incorporate artistic elements of nature into your unique wedding ideas, try painting a branch to use as a decoration. You can paint it to match your wedding colors and add a touch of the outdoors to your celebration.

Although Baby’s Breath may very well be known as the cheap go-to flower for fillers, you don’t have to leave it at that. Try spray painting your Baby’s Breath a classy or fun color to give it that extra pop.

Another great tip is to shop for dollar store or clearance items then class them up with spray paint. For instance, grab a few tubs to paint silver or gold. Fill them with beverages and you can skip the bartender altogether.

3. Programs

One thing is for certain, printed products are pricey!

To avoid this extra charge, forgo the printed programs. When it all comes down to it, most people are going to leave them on their seats anyway.

Try the rustic route and writing the order of events on a pallet.

Another great idea is to use a chalk board for your program. Really, you can incorporate a chalkboard anywhere in your wedding that needs a little direction. They’re inexpensive, classic, and changeable.

4. Escort Cards

As mentioned before, save your money and skip out on the printed paper products.

Use an old window to write your table or seat assignments. Of course, a chalk board will come in handy here, too.

If you have your heart set on paper then bump it up a notch. Have your friends or family save their wine corks. Cut a slot in them and slide your printed or handwritten escort cards into them.

You could even use Jenga pieces for the seating assignments. They can even serve a double purpose. Your guests can write a message on the Jenga pieces in place of the guest book.

5. Dessert

If the cake is starting to get a little heavy in the money department then try a different route.

Ask for a volunteer to make a small cake just for you and your spouse to eat on your one-year anniversary. Arrange cupcakes in the shape of your last name initial.

You could even stack oreos in the shape of a wedding cake and adorn with flower petals. You will surely be everyone’s favorite if you choose to feature a s’mores bar.

Another great idea is to have a cookie bar. Your friends and family can donate the baked goods and show off their signature cookie.

6. Advice for Mr. and Mrs. 

People love to give newlyweds advice, so you might as well give them a way to do it. In fact, you can provide a guest book for them at the same time.

Gather a jar full of round river rocks. Your guests can write their marriage advice on the rocks and sign their name as well.

A similar idea is to provide a container full of popsicle sticks. Your guests can write a little blurb on them for you then move the stick over to another container.

7. Fun Stuff

Most times there is a little waiting time or down time in between events, so you’ll probably want something for your guests to do.

Create a Photo Booth out of cardboard and include fun props for your guests to snap a pic of themselves. You can even create your own hashtag for those guests who are into social networking.

Coloring pages and crayons are always a good idea if you’re going to be providing a kid-friendly environment.

8. Send Off

For the big send-off, rice has been replaced by more updated items.

Sparklers are the it thing now. They are inexpensive and create an amazing wow factor, especially if you’re having a night send off.

A great DIY and environmentally-friendly send-off is to stamp out shapes from dry leaves. Not only is this DIY confetti biodegradable, but it usually comes in all different colors.

The most important thing in saving money on your wedding is to think outside of the box!