Trouble Eating Healthy During the Holidays? – How to Make Good Food Choices

Don’t Skimp, Eat Regularly

A common misperception is that if you “save up” space in your stomach by skipping meals,  you’ll have room to pack it in.

To be blunt, that’s scientifically incorrect.

Furthermore, skipping meals and then devouring food all at once creates a dangerous sugar imbalance.

Instead, commit to eating regular meals this holiday. Not only will this encourage you to make better food choices, but it will help you maintain proper sugar levels.

Fill Up on Nourishing Food First

Although the dessert table may be twice as large as the real food table, fill up on the nourishing food first.

To be more precise, try the 80/20 approach. This means that 80 percent of your food should be nourishing while the remaining 20 percent can be an indulgence.

Also, choose nourishing foods that you truly enjoy. Search the real food table for your favorite foods, rather than tasting a bit of every single dish.

Really Enjoy Your Food

Along with the 80/20 approach and choosing to eat your favorites foods, allow yourself to really enjoy your food. It may sound simple, yet most people don’t savor their food.

Really, it’s nearly the American way!

However, eating food without taking the time to enjoy it is a bad habit. Furthermore, it’s a bad habit that won’t support your endeavor of eating healthy during the holidays.

Other cultures make a point to take smaller bites and even chew more slowly.

Keep Your Water Glass Handy

Although the eggnog may be up for grabs, remember to drink lots of water to stay sufficiently hydrated. Even non-alcoholic drinks are often packed with sugar, which can throw your blood sugar levels out of whack.

Eating healthy during the holidays means keeping your GI tract working properly as well.

Also, alcohol tends to dampen your sense of judgment, convincing you to make poor food choices. Whereas, water has the power to curb a sweet tooth and carb cravings.

Stick with Your Regular Schedule

Despite your schedule being slightly more filled during the holiday season, try to stick with your usual routine. Many people thrive on routine. In fact, it’s in the routine that makes healthy living seem like second nature.

So, don’t give up your morning walk or a trip to the gym after work simply because of the busy season. Make your own health a priority.

A tip from the pros: Maintain your bedtime and wake time as much as you can.

Stop Eating Before You’re Stuffed

Holiday meals are well-known for giving you that “busting at the seems” kind of feeling. Yet, you can still enjoy your food without feeling like someone needs to roll you out to the car because you’re too stuffed to walk.

Making good food choices is more than deciding what to put in your mouth. It’s also deciding how much to put in it.

Pay close attention to the feeling of fullness and stop when you’re about 70 percent full. Your stomach works at a slower pace. So, by the time it communicates to your brain, it will likely be completely full.

Eating healthy during the holidays can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. Furthermore, it doesn’t need to cause you anxiety.

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