The Holidays Are Coming! – 5 Tips to Keep Levels of Anxiety Low

1. Stick with Your Routine

With so much extra on your to-do list, you may be tempted to forgo your usual routine. However, doing so is as if you put out the welcome mat for anxiety.

Sure, you have a lot to get done. But don’t give up those self-care activities just yet.

Keeping your regular schedule will actually make you more productive. Breaking your routine would be like interrupting a drummer’s rhythm. It just messes up the whole song!

2. Stay Connected to Your Inner Circle

To keep levels of anxiety low, keep your pals close by.

The people you lean on every day for emotional and moral support are a significant key to managing anxiety. Don’t put them on the back burner during the holiday season.

Also, avoid postponing your regular coffee date or scheduled dinner date with friends. Not only will your inner circle offer you perspective but also some sense of normalcy.

You don’t even need to stick with the holiday theme. Just be sure to maintain your connection. This, in turn, will help you maintain your calm.

3. Embrace the Present Version of Yourself

Let’s face it, we’re not who we were as children. Yet, you may resort to feeling like you did when you were still young. Unfortunately, this feeling often creeps up in a negative way.

Most families have a complicated past. Family get-togethers may trigger certain emotional reactions. To help you keep levels of anxiety low, embrace who you are today.

You’re not the kid you used to be. And you no longer have to feel like that kid!

Practice being confident before the holidays. Allow self-validation to give you a boost of boldness and conviction.

4. Set Comfortable Limits

Despite what anyone says, there are no hard and fast rules demanding strict holiday adherence. Meaning, you can pick and choose how you spend the season.

Unsurprisingly, many people fall victim to guilt. You may feel obligated to attend this event today or that gathering tomorrow.

Take inventory on holiday events. Decide beforehand which ones cause you joy and which ones promote anxiety. Then, keep levels of anxiety low by committing yourself to limits.

By setting these boundaries, you’ll avoid the unpleasantness of certain situations. Plus, since you’ve already allotted time for specific events, you can even blame your schedule for not being able to attend one you don’t like.

5. Tell Pinterest to Shove It

Although Pinterest and Hallmark tend to set the standard for all things holiday, don’t fall for the glitz.

Remember, perfectly decorated homes on Pinterest are only a millisecond shot of that environment. If you asked the photographer about the picture, there’s a good chance the scenery changed significantly right after the picture was taken.

Keep Pinterest on its perfect pedestal but keep the spirit of the season in your heart. You have every right to tell Pinterest to shove it as you toss paper towels on the table instead of finely stitched napkins.

Holidays can be a tough season to endure, no matter your history. If you struggle with anxiety or holiday stress, please don’t do it alone. I’m here to support you.

Contact me today if you’re ready to start addressing your anxiety. Or learn more about my approach to anxiety counseling.